Pretty Penny Clothing and Guerrero will be hosting an experimental noise and performance art show. Save the date and #neverforget


Guerrero is open!!

I’m so proud to announce that on August 6th Guerrero Hair Studio opened it’s doors. 2 chair hair studio that is warm and inviting to everyone. I get to work right next to my wife’s vintage clothing store pretty penny clothing where you can also find my daughter Vienna hanging out. Stop in and see what we have brought to Bellingham Washington. I’m now booking for September.


November’s Pony

I’m so excited to be furthering my hair education by taking an extensive haircutting class at Pony Studios in Oakland California.


All about the grow out…

A good hair cut is how well it grows out. If you get a cut and it looks great when you leave the salon that same haircut should look great for the next few months. Yes, I said few months. If you find yourself unhappy with your cut a few weeks down the road or it’s not laying right like when you first got it done then that’s not a good cut.


Guerrero Hair Studio logo

My logo is finished! I’m so happy with the turn out. I decided on the name “Guerrero” because my first salon that I owned was located on 24th and Guerrero street in San Francisco back in 2010. It is also a town in Mexico and the word itself means warrior in spanish. I’m stoked that an old friend of mine from oakland took the time to make such an amazing logo. Feeling inspired.


Earth day

Here is an article that was shared with me by folks at Hairstory. These days salon’s are choosing to go in a green, more sustainable way of doing business. Choosing products that are non toxic and cruelty free, ammonia free color and new ways to recycle hair and foils. It’s a great article and we should all help do our part to save the environment. EARTH DAY everyday 🌍

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Pretty Penny Clothing

We are celebrating our grand re-opening and 13 year anniversary party of our vintage store Pretty Penny. Now located in Bellingham Washington.


Saint Mary

This is the first of many updates of my up and coming salon studio in Bellingham Washington. It will be located at 2330 Elm St. (side entrance) behind Pretty Penny Clothing, an amazing vintage clothing store. My goal is to be up and running in August, September at the latest. 2 styling chairs at the start with room for a 3rd. The products to get stoked about that will be carried at Saint Mary are; R&CO, Hairstory and Cult + King.